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2017 Symposium

Jewish-Christian-Muslim Intellectual Exchanges in the Medieval & Early Modern Mediterranean

October 25 - October 26, 2017
Student Union, Storrs, CT 06268
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2019 Concert+Lecture

Al-Andalus: A Musical Journey

October 14, 2019
Konover Auditorium, Thomas J. Dodd Research Center, CT 06268
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Avicenna Page


Avicenna: East and West

Canon Medicinae is the title of the latin translation of Ibn Sīnā’s (latinised as Avicenna) great medical encyclopaedia al-Qānūn fī al-Ṭibb. This Latin translation was prepared by Gerard of Cremona in the 12th century in Toledo. The Canon was subsequently used for teaching medicine in European universities for over five centuries. Despite its importance, no critical edition of the text has yet been produced.

Assistant Professor and Chair of Arabic and Islamic Studies Nicola Carpentieri aims to rectify this gap with his project team by preparing the first sample of a digital edition and an interactive English translation of the Canon Medicinae. The team is focussing on Book 3, Fen 1, Maqāla 1, a section of the Canon that focuses on brain anatomy and mental health. 

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