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The Entrepreneurial Process: A Cross-Cultural Entrepreneurship Workshop

December 2016/2017 TBC

Economic development through enterprising business and social ventures promises to drive innovation and social progress throughout the Middle East.

Entrepreneurship is innovation in practice: Transforming ideas into opportunities, and through a deliberate process, opportunities into commercial realities. This intensive workshop will present the entrepreneurial process through case studies that illustrate essential elements of an entrepreneurial framework; challenges encountered and highlight practical approaches to success.

This workshop will be led by venture capitalist and entrepreneurship expert, Danny Warshay, who has extensive experience leading workshops across the Middle East and worldwide. Participation in this workshop will engage approximately 30 young entrepreneurs including Egyptians, Jordanians, Israelis, Palestinians, and other participants from across the region—including the Gulf and North Africa. Participants from a range of backgrounds will work side-by-side to analyze pressing challenges in the region, reflect on innovative approaches, and learn best practices in—and encourage—entrepreneurship as well as social and economic development.

Workshop topics will include training and development in market analysis, program design, partnership building, and implementation of new businesses and self-sustaining philanthropic ventures. The workshop will apply to stand-alone startup, corporate, and social contexts, and the cases and readings will address and draw out specific challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship and innovation in each of these.

Across the region, emerging entrepreneurs are launching a number of innovative projects. These include new businesses and non-profit ventures that bring jobs and social benefits to an underdeveloped region. In Israel, entrepreneurship and technological innovation are a powerful force for economic and social change. Likewise, in Arab countries entrepreneurship is rapidly growing as a powerful force to address development challenges.

Workshop participants will be encouraged to initiate and develop relationships with colleagues, universities, companies, financial institutions, governmental entities, and entrepreneurs around the world. It is our intention that this workshop has long-term impacts that grow over time and begin to form the background of the Abrahamic Initiative’s network of alumni, supporters, and partners around the world.


The workshop week will include time for networking, structured learning, presentations, and collaboration.  There will also be ample time for participants to build relationships, share ideas, and discuss the workshop topics. The exact length of the workshop is to be confirmed. Sample discussion topics and timeline are as follows:

Day 1: What is an Entrepreneur?

  • Arrival
  • Business plans
  • Case study

Day 2: Getting Started: Entrepreneurial Fundamentals

  • Recognizing Opportunities and Developing Business Models
  • Assembling the Team
  • Raising Financial Resources
  • Case Studies

Day 3: Excursions to area entrepreneurial ventures and sites

Day 4: Managing the Growing Venture

  • Case studies

Day 5: Realizing Value

Day 6: Concluding Activities and departure