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At the University of Connecticut, scholars and professionals come together to learn and find practical solutions to pressing questions across a range of disciplines. Diversity is an asset on our campuses, and the experiences and perspectives that people bring from countries and cultures around the world deepens learning and inquiry.

The UConn Abrahamic Initiative builds on this spirit by engaging participants on a range of important topics of particular concern within the Abrahamic family. Our programs are designed to engage serious leaders and change-makers in a positive process while building meaningful relationships across national, religious, and cultural divides.

Consistent with the UConn Abrahamic Initiative’s goals of fostering dialogue, building relationships, and promoting purposeful cooperation among diverse leaders from across the Middle East and worldwide, two of our initial programs will focus on the themes of Entrepreneurship and Social Media.

Follow the links below for more details on our upcoming workshops and programs.


Entrepreneurship, which includes efforts to promote both economic and social development, has the potential to be one of the key drivers of transformation within the Middle East and worldwide. 

Our first cross-cultural workshop, The Entrepreneurial Process, will bring participants together from across the Middle East for an in-depth training with trainer and venture capitalist Danny Warshay. The Entrepreneurial Process workshop is tentatively scheduled for late 2016.

Social Media

The growing popularity of social media, and the ability of people to communicate and organize freely, has been cited as one of the key factors that sparked revolution and regime change across the Middle East. Used by actors across the political and religious spectrum, it can be used to divide or to unite people, to sow seeds of conflict or of reconciliation.

The Social Media & Transformation Workshop will explore this phenomenon and its implications for the region in depth, and is tentatively scheduled for 2017. 

Other Programs

The UConn Abrahamic Initiative will convene workshops and events on a range of other topics, including dialogue, human rights, public health, economic development, environmental sustainability, the arts and other topics.