2018 Workshop: “Abrahamic Traditions & Environmental Change”


Human-induced environmental change has been a consistent process for several millennia. Humans have adapted the elements of the environment to their concomitant, progressive increase in technological power for expansion of their needs and wants.  The environmental changes of the present time, however, have reached unprecedented magnitude, as they are literally creating a new environment, in which every element is changing: the carbon cycle, ocean productivity, land cover dynamics, temperature and precipitation distribution through time and space, extreme hazard events, depleted soils, among others. The magnitude of these changes and the subsequent threats they lead to are such that they have inspired intense and careful reflection on actions from natural as well as social science research.  The urgency of contemporary environmental change calls for policies and practices that reverse the accelerating degradational trends to ensure social and ecological sustainability.

This workshop is an opportunity for these participants to: 1) learn about each other’s’ research and scholarship; (2) establish new research clusters and teams from the group, and beyond; and (3) explore ways to build more capacity in participants’ home institutions to support long-term academic cooperation.

More information coming soon.